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4242 S. Victoria Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90008

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Cardea Concrete has helped hundreds of customers around Manhattan Beach to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If you reach out to us on our form online, or if prefer to call us on the phone, we’ll be in touch shortly, and can provide information or an estimate. Making sure that our customers get what they need is our top priority, Cardea Concrete is excited to help.

You could be looking for driveway paving, concrete polishing, or resurfacing in Los Angeles, or it could any other related solutions, Cardea Concrete is here to help you with a smile. We strive to make sure that we understand our customers specific needs, to recommend the most adequate solution to their current problems.

Our motto is customer satisfaction at all costs, and we make sure to go out of our way to guarantee that you have the greatest experience, and to get the best quality concrete contracting as possible. Submit any queries you may have via the contact form on this page, and any thing else relevant we may need to know, or simply give us a call today.

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Cardea Concrete - Larger Logo