Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings

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Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings

A metallic epoxy floor coating is a stunning combination of base and top coats in shimmery colors. These pearlescent coatings are a mixture of hardener and resin, mixed to create a durable, strong surface. Metallic powders are used to create deep colors, high gloss, and unique visual effects. Here, you’ll learn more about Cardea Concrete’s metallic epoxy floor coatings.

A Look Unlike Any Other

Our clients love this flooring style because of its one-of-a-kind appearance. No two metallic epoxy floors are the same. With its three-dimensional cratered, swirled, or rippled looks, it’s easy to create a floor that perfectly matches the aesthetic of any room.

Use the same color for the metallic resin and base coat or mix solid colors to create a two-tone effect. Though they require diligent cleaning, these floors’ glossy shine makes them a popular choice among clients seeking an elegant, refined look.

Metallic Floor Applications

Metallic epoxy flooring is costlier than conventional epoxy coatings because the metallic finish requires several coats, and because it takes skill and time to create these unique designs. At Cardea Concrete, we specialize in these floors, and we believe their classy looks and durability make them ideal for numerous applications.

• Metallic epoxy floor coatings are perfect for automotive showrooms, nightclubs, retail outlets, offices, and residential settings that are cleaned frequently.
• These floors are equally dazzling in basements and garages.
Metallic epoxy floor coatings can be used in outdoor areas. Because these floors can get slippery when wet, we recommend adding resin sand or another textured component to the coating.

Metallic Floor Coating Installation

Our installers typically apply these floor coatings with squeegees or rollers, and in some cases, the mixture is poured from a spout or a bucket. An initial primer coat is required, and UV-resistant urethane may be used in areas exposed to sunlight. We recommend using darker colors in these areas to minimize tarnishing due to sunlight exposure.
The pros at Cardea Concrete will use various application techniques to manipulate the top coat, creating unique visual effects. With proper installation and application methods, your metallic epoxy flooring will provide durable beauty for years to come. Contact us today to learn about the application process.

Cardea Concrete Offers Creative Metallic Epoxy Flooring Services

To ensure a safe, even, and dust-free flooring application with the effects you’re looking for, call the experts at Cardea Concrete to review our metallic epoxy coating options. With professional application from an experienced installer, you’ll add beauty and value to your property while enjoying greater peace of mind.

Our highly trained technicians have significant experience with various types of high-quality epoxy floor coatings. These flooring options aren’t just beautiful; they also protect your concrete from staining, moisture, weathering, and cracking.
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