Quartz Floor Coatings

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Quartz Floor Coatings

Among our epoxy flooring options, decorative quartz coatings are popular due to their wide range of textures and colors. Whether you’re searching for an elegant and understated or a bright and vibrant look, Cardea Concrete’s flooring professionals can help you find the right quartz floor coating for your project. Call or email us today to learn more about this great flooring choice.

What Is a Quartz Floor Coating?

Decorative quartz floor coatings are applied to concrete substrates to enhance their durability and appearance. The durable and strong nature of these systems make them a good option not just for residences, but for industrial and commercial applications.

Once it’s properly installed, an epoxy quartz coating is strong enough to endure the most demanding conditions while preventing contamination, moisture penetration, and other forms of flooring damage. Read on to learn about the benefits of quartz floor coatings.

High-End Looks

Terrazzo flooring is a beautiful mosaic-like flooring option, but it’s just as costly as it is gorgeous. This kind of flooring isn’t well-suited to usage in an industrial or high-traffic area, where a floor must withstand significant wear and tear. A decorative quartz floor coating is easy to maintain, lasts a long time, and will provide a terrazzo-like appearance at a reasonable cost.

Infinite Customizability

Our quartz mixtures come in many solid and multi-colored varieties, which makes it easy for us to develop a custom color combination to match any décor. Represent your favorite team’s colors or combine several bright shades to make a memorable first impression.

Durability and Texture

Another reason why our local clients love our decorative quartz floor coatings is that they come in various surface textures. These epoxy systems are a great choice for pool decks, showers, and other areas in need of additional traction.

Quartz coatings from Cardea Concrete offer the durability needed for kitchens and food preparation areas where spills are common. Call us today to learn how we can make your home or restaurant kitchen’s floor look great and last for years.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Along with their immense visual appeal, decorative quartz floor coatings offer numerous functional advantages. They’re not just durable, they’re also scratch-resistant and easy to clean. A fluid-applied flooring system creates a seamless surface, with few crevices and cracks in which debris and dirt tend to collect. This quality makes a quartz floor an excellent choice for a food processing or medical facility.

Unlike stained concrete, polished concrete, and other flooring choices, quartz epoxy coatings don’t require regular treatment, buffing, or polishing to retain their glossy appearance, making them a cost-efficient and low-maintenance option.

Call Us Today

Cardea Concrete has long been one of the Los Angeles area’s preferred providers of concrete contractor flooring services, and we’re proud to offer that same peace of mind and reliability with our decorative quartz flooring systems. Our range of floor coatings are designed with your lifestyle and preferences in mind. Request a consultation online or call today to schedule a no-obligation quote.

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