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Epoxy flooring contains two parts, one is resin and the other hardener, analogous to epoxy glue. Epoxy can be used to coat concrete services and give it a new protective coating, and even a dramatically different look. Epoxy floor coatings adhere much better to your concrete floor in a far superior manner than oil based, water, or enamel paint. Epoxy coated floors are known for their extremely glossy finish, that can’t be emulated with traditional paints. Epoxy floors are also waterproof, and are resistant to mold and mildew.

A well done epoxy floor coating is nearly stain proof, and cleaning it is similar to cleaning a non stick frying pan. You can get your epoxy floors in a variety of different colors and even with designs. Epoxy flooring is relatively easy to apply, and is extremely durable, lasting up to 20 years. Reach out to us and we can show you your various options on colors and looks that will be a good addition to your home.

Polyurethane Traffic Coating

Polyurethane is a thermosetting polymer and is regarded as high performance coating. It is colloquially known as urethane, although that is not accurate, as polyurethane and urethane are actually quite different. Polyurethane coat is more flexible than epoxy, which makes it more scratch resistant. It also more resistant to abrasion and absorbing impacts. Polyurethane is often used as a layer of protection over an epoxy base because the epoxy bonds to concrete better.

Decorative Coating

If you have a concrete floor, or wanted to install a new concrete floor with an unique look, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a wide range of colors and decorative looks, which can make your concrete floor one of a kind.  For example, you could take your current concrete floor, and cover it with a layer of epoxy which has a marble patterning. Your concrete floor can have a brand new marble look, with out the added costs and labor of putting in a whole new marble floor.

Coating Resurfacing

When you resurface your concrete surface, you can take dated or damaged concrete and make it look like new. By adding a layer of concrete over your current one, you have different options for altering the patterns, colors, or texture of your floor. You can resurface pool decks, patios, driveways, garages, indoor floors, walls, almost anything made of concrete. You can combine this with our decorative coating service to get a completely new look to your concrete surface.

Garage Floor Coating

When you’re looking to add an extra layer of protection from wear and tear, or want to completely revamp the look of your concrete garage floor, you can try our Garage Floor Coating service. By adding an extra layer of concrete, epoxy, or other concreate coat, you can add a layer of protection to the floor to prevent it from damage from impact or chemicals. Of course all of our other decorative coating services can be utilized here, and you can have a brand new garage floor with minimal effort.

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy is simply an epoxy with metallic pigments mixed in. The tiny pigments settle into the epoxy at different angles during the curing process, and this causes them to reflect light at different orientations. You can combine different colors to get some very unique looks for your concrete floor, with a very beautiful reflective surface.

Flakes System

Flakes systems utilize decorative chips, sometimes made of vinyl, to add a terrazzo look to your floor. You can still maintain the protective elements of an epoxy coating which adds durability, and additionally add a custom look to your floor. The flakes can come in various colors to complement the base color of epoxy that you have selected.

Quartz Coat

Another option for achieving the terrazzo look is by adding a layer of coating with a quartz blend. Like the flakes system, you can also customize the color combinations to match the look of your base color, as well as the overall aesthetic of your room. You can add a classy mosaic look but with a very cost effective service. One thing that separates quartz from vinyl flakes is the ability to add texture to your floor. For areas that are frequently wet such as pool decks or showers, having additional traction can make the area safer.

Polished Concrete

Polishing concrete involves a process which mechanically grounds the concrete similar to the process of sanding a piece of wood. By using multiple passes with a higher grit count, you can smooth out the concrete to the point where the floor will have a reflective quality to it, similar to the look of an epoxy coated floor. By definition a polished concrete floor has been treated with 1600 grit, but can be refined even above 3,000+ grit. Polishing your concrete can give it a new look, and even adds anti clip properties because of it’s high coefficient of friction.

Concrete Sealers

Although concrete floors are extremely durable, having a concrete floor sealer will add an extra level of protection, and add years to the life of your floor. Using a sealer like epoxy for indoor spaces, and driveway sealer for outdoor spaces will protect and add benefits to your floor. For instance a good outdoor sealer could add traction to your floor to prevent slipping, or even UV protection. Epoxy sealers will make your floor look newer and cleaner, and can be combined with adding new design elements to your floor as well.


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