Shot Blasting and Concrete Surface Preperation

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Concrete Floor Surface Preparation and Shot Blasting

Cardea Concrete offers concrete shot blasting and surface preparation services in all of Los Angeles county. Using shot blasting to remove a top layer of your floor is a highly cost effective stripping process.

We have invested in cutting edge concrete preparation technology. This means we can accurately control the amount of concrete floor that can be striped, and the exact width. This ensures that the surface preparation is done efficiently, and with the highest quality results.

Making sure the preparation is done correctly is why we have invested in the top of the line equipment, and make sure all of our contractors are trained to deliver only the highest quality service. We have worked in major commercial and residential projects such as malls, apartment buildings, and even Las Vegas Casinos.


How Does Shot Blasting Work?

Our shot blasting machines operates in a closed media circuit, and using centrifugal force, shoots abrasive steel media at the surface. When the abrasive steel hits the floor, it is recycled back into the system. Dust, debris, and contaminants from the process is then filter out via an air wash separator, and contained in separate compartment, which makes the process nearly dust free.


 Concrete Surface Preparation Projects

Cardea Concrete has worked on projects with contractors and direct customers, ranging from residential to commercial projects. Some examples of types of projects include, water treatment plants, warehouses, art studios, retail shops, malls, Las Vegas Casinos, medical storage buildings, hotels, apartments, private residence, parking lots, and more.

The Importance of Surface Preparation

Virtually all floor repair projects failures can be traced back to one of the following issues: improper construction of the concrete substrate, improper application of the repair material, wrong material selections, or a poorly done surface preparations. Concrete and other flooring surface preparation is one of the foundations to have a successful installation or renovation. Nearly 80% of concrete flooring failure is caused by a low quality surface preparation. It is vital to the project that the surface is clean and clear of any contaminants, defects, and has a proper texture. Inorganic and resinous floor overlays rely on mechanical bonding to get a q high quality, long term result that will make your floor look great.

Shot Blasting Applications

-Prepare and clean surfaces of various medium like concrete, asphalt, and steel.

-Remove the surface layer of a surface such as epoxy and paints.

-Remove rubber and tire marking from parking lots, industrial floors, roads, and other surfaces.

-Add more traction to prevent slipping on roads, runways, and sidewalks.

-Get your surface looking clean and brand new for public facing lots, roads, and runways.

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