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We are Cardea Concrete. We focus on concrete construction, including residential as well as commercial work. We proudly offer the locals of Glendale California with every one of our concrete services. If you need a brand-new patio, sidewalk or driveway on your building, we can aid with that! Concrete is prominent because it’s durable and also weatherproof; it can likewise be stamped to look like block or stone for a lot more customized completed product. Concrete is the excellent product for any project – allow us know what you want so we can supply you with a quote today!

At Cardea Concrete we specialize in providing our customers with top quality attractive alternatives along with protective covering for their concrete floorings. Our team has decades of experience when it involves dealing with all different types of surface areas including sleek concrete floors, epoxy coverings, waterproofing defense, graffiti elimination solutions, acid staining protection etc.

What does a concrete specialist do?

As concrete specialists we construct a wide array of frameworks, from parking lots and bridges to pool and pathways. Occasionally this is a one-person task; other times the concrete needs pouring or something extra complicated, which often will necessitate having with various other professions individuals like electrical experts or plumbing.

Concrete Decks

A concrete deck is what attaches the ground as well as your home, frequently with stairways. It’s an integral part of a structure due to the fact that visitors will see it before they ever reach the front door, so it requires to be a good impact. The insulation listed below your feet can likewise aid keep you warmer all year round, as well as provide increased soundproofing.

Concrete decks are constructed with high-strength reinforced concrete as well as serve as long-lasting verandas throughout winter season by protecting from rough wintertime conditions such as snow, ice, and rain. Today you can repaint or discolor your deck for even more color choices and also design variants.

Concrete Polishing

Concrete is a resilient material that can endure hefty loads and also web traffic. It dulls in time with direct exposure to weather conditions as well as dirt. The process of brightening concrete floor covering is challenging or economical. It requires the use of power tools, which are pricey to purchase and keep. Even more, there are security worries linked with these machines.

We have created brand-new innovations for concrete polishing that make this process quickly, cost effective as well as secure for any property owner who desires their floorings brightened without the hassle of renting heavy machinery or employing specialists to do so on your behalf. This technology has been tested by our professionals over years via trial-and-error approaches prior to we were able to bring it into the market at an economical cost factor for every person throughout Glendale.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a great method to add worth and character to your home, but it can be pricey. Stamped concrete is one of one of the most preferred ways to boost the appearance of any type of home’s exterior. This type of work comes with a cost tag that can make lots of property owners balk.

That’s where we can be found in! At Cardea Concrete Contractors we concentrate on high quality stamped concrete at budget-friendly costs for both domestic and business homes alike. We satisfaction ourselves on our interest to detail and also commitment to consumer fulfillment, which implies you obtain specifically what you desire without breaking your spending plan! Whether you require an entire brand-new driveway or just an attractive boundary around your pool outdoor decking location, we have the competence required for any type of work large or tiny. Just ask us about our cost-free quote solution today!

Glendale California Facts

From 1910 to 1925, Glendale was America’s poster child for a municipality. At the time, it was one of the fastest-growing cities in Los Angeles County with a population of 50,000 people. So much so that people from all over wanted their children to live there and commute to work in the city centers.

In 1924, Glendale had what is considered its golden era when real estate speculators formed a group titled “The Chamber of Commerce” who lobbied state legislators in Sacramento…and succeeded in convincing Governor William Stephens to sign an act which included naming Glendale an Urban Servitude Area as well as building railroad connections both north and south from downtown Los Angeles into what advertisers were calling “A Garden City Outpost”.

Glendale is the fourth largest city in Los Angeles County. It has a population of about 209,000 and lies in the San Fernando Valley, 25 miles north-northwestern of downtown LA. Glendale is home to both Bing Studios (formerly known as Sound City) and NBC Universal’s Television Distribution Division.

Glendale was added to the ZIP code system on August 30th, 1963 with 91406 as its prefix followed by a number as every other incoming ZIP Code at the time. Did you know that Huw Llyoyd recorded music for one song while he was visiting friends in Glendale? He wrote Down and Out Wreck which he considered his best work yet—painting an orchestrated portrait of 100% aural delight.

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